" We have had a positive experience with JMS.  They are informed and proactive in their involvement with  local business opportunity, energetic and knowledgeable as professionals, and they communicate well with us.  We look forward to doing ongoing business with them, throughout Southern California. "

Dan C.

On Saturday night at about 8:30pm I turned on the light in my bathroom and it started flickering. I look up and the dome was full of yellow >yuk< water. I immediately called JMSred and pressed 4 for maintenance emergency. Within 30 minutes the maintenance guy (I wish I knew his name) was knocking on my door and handled the issue with ease. Apparently the upstairs toilet had broken and needed to be removed and replaced. 
I would just like thank you all for your professionalism and speedy resolution. Please thank the tall and pleasant maintenance guy for me. 

Diane G.